POSSE donor levels are based on a donor’s total annual giving during the POSSE year (July 1 - June 30). These donations are used to determine POSSE benefits for the subsequent sports season(s) and for the calculation of Priority Points.
Cowboy VIP: $25,000+
Trailblazer: $15,000-$24,999
Maverick: $10,000-$14,999
Pistol Pete: $5,000-$9,999
Golden Spur: $2,500-$4,999
Silver Star: $1,000-$2,499
Marshal: $500-$999
Sheriff: $250-$499
Deputy: $150-$249





  • Cowboy Caravans

    Get involved with the POSSE all year long with Caravans, Road Rallies & other fun events.

  • Recent Grad Membership

    To say congratulations to all new OSU graduates, the POSSE offers a FREE $150 membership!

  • Sport-Specific Clubs

    The POSSE is “the team behind the teams” … and now you can be an integral part of whichever team you choose

  • O Club

    Calling all Letterwinners! Join the O Club and stay connected with OSU Athletics

  • Premium Services

    One-stop shop for suiteholder and club seat holder information

  • Auction

    Come and be a part of the largest athletics fundraising event of the year