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The Priority Point System provides a fair, consistent and transparent method of providing benefits to donors in exchange for their financial investments in OSU Athletics. POSSE Points determine ranking for season ticket placement and obtaining tickets to post-season play, as well as upgrading seat location.

Donors earn points three ways:


Contributions (cash or stock) earn 3 points per $100 donated. Planned (deferred) gifts receive 1 point per $100.


Donors earn one point each year for purchasing season tickets (one point per sport), as well as one point for annual POSSE membership.


Donors (or spouses) who are OSU Alumni receive a one-time 10 point bonus, as do OSU faculty and staff members and former letter-winners.




Donors are ranked by points and lifetime giving at certain times throughout the yearfor the purpose of seat allocation or other activities. Donations made prior to December 1 will help your ranking as it applies to post-season tickets for the following sport/event:

• Football Post-Season / Bowl Game: Dec. 1

• Men’s BBall Big 12 / NCAA Tournament: Dec. 1

• Wrestling Big 12 / NCAA Championships: Dec. 1

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